The McMillan Running Calculator is a very nifty little tool that will let you know your equivalent (estimated) race time for different distances based upon a recent race you ran at a different distance. It is surprisingly accurate, as well.

Since the mid-1990’s, I’ve been working on a method that estimates your equivalent race performances using a current race time at any distance as well as giving the appropriate pace range for all the different types of workouts that you perform. […] Naturally, knowing what you could run at an upcoming race based on a recent performance can help take the guesswork out of your race planning. You’ll be able to set more realistic race goals and judge an appropriate race pace better. The results are performances that are more consistent and fewer crappy races.

The site is fairly simple. You enter the hours, minutes, and seconds of a recent race performance and tell it what the distance was. It will then tell you your equivalent times at everything from the 100m up to the marathon. He does say, however, that the 100m through 500m times are “for fun” since he hasn’t got a reliable method for predicting those times.

The numbers will never be exact, since the equivalent times assume that you would also train yourself for those different distances before actually racing them, and things like terrain, weather, health, and diet are not figured into it at all. The site is great as a rough estimate and and as a way to set realistic goals that can be very useful for training.

Putting in my best 5k time from this year brings me to around where I want to be in the Marathon, which is about 10 minutes faster than I did run it this year. I am not quite sure which races I am going to run next year, but I had already set this as a goal time for myself and now I am going to try to use his suggestions for times to base off of for my training for next year.