Whenever possible, get outside and enjoy the weather. It can do wonders for clearing your head, especially in the winter time when we spend most of our time indoors. When I lived in Florida, I used to set up my weight bench in the car port to my workout. I hate running inside, so most of the time when I run in the winter it can be fairly miserable out there. The trick is to find the times when it will not be miserable and make sure you get outside on those days.

In the summer, I love to run in the rain. For some reason I find it enjoyable. In the wintertime, it tends to be too cold to run in the rain. Yesterday, however, I was able to enjoy some unseasonably warm weather and get in a nice 8 mile run. Given that it was pouring, and that it was January in Maine, there were not a lot of people out and about. The gym was a bit crowded, but I only worked out there for about 20 minutes before deciding I needed to get outside. There were a few hardy souls out there with me, but a smile and a nod as I passed them by was all the interaction I had. Despite it being 50 degrees fahrenheit, I am glad I did have some sleeves as the wind was still cold and it was fair on fierce, but the run felt absolutely wonderful.