Maybe it was just me, but the NFL playoffs this year just were not very exciting. Most of the games seemed like foregone conclusions fairly early into them, despite some of them being the opposite of what was expected. The Giants and Jacksonville may as well not even have been there. The Bengals went home at half time. It took the Colts until the fourth quarter to wake up, which made first 75% of that game yawn inspiring. The Broncos and Patriots both scored a lot, but the Patriots were outplayed and you lost the feeling that they could win fairly early on in the game. The Broncos and the Panthers were both blown out yesterday.

These games were all ho-hum. Unless one of those teams was your team, the games were barely worth watching. I hope that the Steelers and the Seahawks manage to keep the Superbowl interesting in two weeks. Both teams have a little time to get themselves patched up and to game plan. I think that the Seahawks are the better team this year, but you can not discount the Steeler’s momentum going into the last game of the season.

I will predict a 24-21 Steelers’ win in February. And that is mostly because I want a nice close game to watch and may just be wishful thinking on my part.