The Norwich Bulletin doesn’t believe in profit sharing, and they use the Patriots as an example of what is wrong with the system.

The Washington Redskins were the top earner at $287 million, and the New England Patriots were second at $236 million. When Robert Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994, it was 28th among 28 teams in earnings. Kraft worked hard to turn the Patriots around.

They feel that with a low net profit of $153 million (Arizona Cardinals) that there is no need for profit sharing, a system here the top 15 teams in total revenue help fund the other 17 teams.

While I may have to pay a little more for a jersey for my favorite team, I think that the profit sharing scheme is good for the NFL no matter how “unfair” it may be. It helps to promote parity between the teams. The Patriots recent Superbowl record aside, you just do not see the same teams on top every year for 10 years at a time anymore, and that makes for a better game. It helps to provide a more level playing field.

What do you think of the revenue sharing plan?