Treadmill Training for RunnersThere are many reasons to run or walk on a treadmill. It may be a way to get a workout in when the weather particularly awful, or bad knees may not be able to take a pounding, or the person exercising just likes to watch television while working out. However, working out on a treadmill is not the same as working out outside. This week I am going to talk about some common treadmill mistakes.

The first mistake: Taking it too easy and not working hard enough.

Many people when they get on a treadmill walk at a couple miles per hour at a 0° incline, which in many cases is an easier saunter than if they were walking around their house. Increasing the intensity is called for in order to make sure that being on the treadmill is worth doing. Increasing the speed and/or the incline can make a near worthless walk that burns 50 calories turn into an only slightly tougher walk from a perception standpoint that burns a few hundred calories over the same amount of time.