Treadmill Training for RunnersThere are many reasons to run or walk on a treadmill. It may be a way to get a workout in when the weather particularly awful, or bad knees may not be able to take a pounding, or the person exercising just likes to watch television while working out. However, working out on a treadmill is not the same as working out outside. This week I am going to talk about some common treadmill mistakes.

The second mistake: Stepping off of a moving treadmill.

Stepping off of a moving treadmill is dangerous. Don’t do it, m’kay?

On a serious note, stepping off of a treadmill that is going at full speed can injure your joints and contribute to nagging injuries that take the fun out of your workouts and your every day life.

A more immediate danger to stepping off of a moving treadmill is that you may lose your balance and get thrown. Last year, I stepped off of a treadmill with only half of my foot, and the next thing I know I was getting stopped by the wall about 4 feet behind me. Granted, I was not trying to step off, I was just a little too innattentive when I was running at about 5 minute pace and the belt was moving quickly. The danger is still there even when you are trying to step off of the belt.