Last January, Bode Miller accused Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong of using steroids in a Rolling Stones interview. Well, Lance Armstrong has now used Men’s Journal to call out Bode Miller:

“Listen, I’m not a fan,” Armstrong said. “He attacked me, and it’s hard to be a fan when you get attacked personally. I wanted to be a fan, but then you quickly become not a fan. He’s such a rebel; I thought he’d raise his level and win big. I really think he’s a gamer … Ultimately, I don’t think what he did was fair. I mean, look, doping isn’t fair. But getting people to invest in your story, in your career … that’s not fair if all we came away with in the end is somebody saying, ‘Yeah, but I partied at the Olympic level.'”

He also calls out Dick Pound, the chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency, saying that Pound has a hatred of Armstrong that he won’t let die. He fully expects Pound to continue investigating him even though he is now retired.

The interview, which will be published next week in Men’s Journal, was conducted before a dutch anti-doping agency cleared Lance Armstrong’s name after he had been accused by a French newspaper of using EPO.

I think that he is spot on. Dick Pound is not going to let his favorite whipping horse go. I predicted as much last July after Lance Armstrong won his 7th Tour de France. Nothing that has happened since makes me want to change that prediction.

I also think he has every right to be pissed at what Bode Miller said about him. With Barry Bonds, there is leaked grand jury testimony that Bonds took something but that he didn’t know (or care) what it was. Which is a ludicrous assumption in my mind, but you have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Lance Armstrong, on the other hand, has been tested almost 200 times and has never failed a single drug test. Perhaps Miller was jealous of Armstrong’s work ethic and success, since his own seemed to been unraveling in the months leading up to the Rolling Stones interview.