One again, Lance Armstrong has been accused of doping. I am starting to get tired of reading about it, too…

This time, Le Monde cycling magazine has reported leaked court testimony alleging that Lance Armstrong admitted to his doctors while he was going through chemotherapy in 1996 that he used EPO. The fun part of all this is that the testimony has already been proven fraudulent.

The newspaper reported the Andreus’ account was denied by a third person, Stephanie McIlvain, a friend of Armstrong’s who was also at the session with the doctor. She testified that she did not hear Armstrong make such an admission. “There were probably 10 people in the room. Betsy was apparently the only one that recalls this alleged incident,” said Herman, Armstrong’s attorney. Armstrong’s statement said part of his cancer treatments included steroids and EPO. Armstrong’s doctors repeatedly asked him during his treatment about substances he may have taken and Armstrong answered only that he occasionally drank beer, Herman said.

Apparantly, Lance Armstrong’s court proceedings were not supposed to become public. I do not think that he will get very far though in his effort to take legal action against whoever leaked the documents. This is a lot like Barry Bonds’ leaked grand jury testimony, except it is a much smaller stage and it doesn’t really paint Armstrong as a cheater nearly as conclusively.