Bode Miller is going to play professional baseball for the Nashua Pride after signing a 1 day contract to play on July 29th.

“I have just started my foundation over the last several months, and to be able to play professional baseball and have my foundation in some small way help the Lance Armstrong Foundation in its fight against cancer, it’s going to be an awesome day,” Miller said in a statement released by the Pride. The team said it will donate at least $5,000 from ticket sales for the game to Miller’s Turtle Ridge Foundation, which will give the money to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

My first impression upon hearing this was that he wants Lance Armstrong to be a fan, and that he was not happy that Lance found it hard to be a fan after Bode called him out. Maybe donating the money will go some way towards saying that he was sorry for his comments.

Then again, maybe I am just reading too much into it. Either way, it is good to see Bode Miller doing something positive with his athletic abilities after a year or so of running his mouth too much and proving to be a disappointment. I would like to see this trend continue, and I hope that he plays well at the end of the month and that he has a better season next year on the slopes.