Icing Your WoesWhenever your muscles are feeling a bit sore or overworked, you should remember my motto, “Ice Early, Ice Often.” The first and easiest way to do that is to just grab a bag of ice and slap it on your sore spots. Leave the bag of ice on your leg or joint for 20 minutes, and then take it off for 20 minutes. Put a new bag of ice back on for another 20 minutes if necessary.

In general, you do not want to ice for more than 20 minutes at a time. When using the bag of ice method, you generally do not want to use full ice cubes, since there will not be a lot of surface area for you to use in the ice bag. Crush the ice into smaller pieces first, or else use the old bag of peas method. Take an old bag of frozen peas, and slap them onto your body where you are sore in lieu of ice. They will need to be refrozen after each use, and I recommend labelling the peas so that you do not accidently eat them later. Frozen peas that have been thawed a few dozen times really do not taste very good. The size of the peas is perfect for conforming the bag of ice around your muscle, and they do not require any work other than pulling them right out of the freezer.

The nice thing about using a bag of ice is that you do not need to do anything other than position the bag and then wait. There is no thought needed, there is no effort needed, and you can easily multitask. If you are using a plastic bag, then you generally do not need to worry about frostbite. If it is too cold for you, you can just place a paper towel under the bag to get most of the cold but not all of it concentrated on your skin.