is a neat website that I have recently discovered that aggregates all of the race results that they can find and attempts to associate each result with an individual. You can search on an athlete name, and they will present a list of possible matches based on name, age, gender, and location. Once you have created your own profile, you can claim races as yourself or disassociate yourself from races that are not you.

There are 15 results tied to my login now. There was one bad match of somebody with the same name and age as me out in Tennessee, and one race that they had me down as female that I had to claim as myself. The rest of the races were pretty accurate. There is a great feature that they currently have in beta called “Rivals”. They search the results for anybody that you have raced at least 3 times, and list them on the page broken down by gender. There is a total number of matchups and your win/loss record against each person. You can compare your individual races and check out that person’s rivals as well.

My rivals list had quite a few people that I do race against regularly. It only tracks two common races with one of my recent rivals, though, so he doesn’t show up on my list. My fiancĂ© shows up on my rivals list, however. Her name is much more common than mine, so she has quite a few races associated with her that she did not actually run. Once she has time to sign up she can remove them off of her name.

It is a fun little tool to play around with, and I am looking forward to see where they take the site. I have not delved into picture sharing or suggesting articles to the site yet, but I will probably play with those features in the near future. I am also going to suggest a few races that they can add so that I can see some rival results for a few people that aren’t there yet.