Friend of the Complete Running Network (CRN)For those who have been anticipating it, and for those who have no idea what it is, the Complete Running website has redesigned itself, hired over a dozen new writers, and is now live! You can find them at

When I first looked at their home page, I found it very humorous. Why? It is a nice, slick design. It does not seem overly funny (other than a guy in a cowboy hat with his tongue out finishing up his race), and seems quite serious in content. No, the reason that I found it funny is that the first picture you see when you go there is of a starting line, and a bunch of my Dirigo teammates are leading the way off of it. I also recognize a couple of the other local runners, such as the son of one of my former teammates at Run to Win. My wife and I could not figure out which race it was from, though; I was not in it, and one of the women only started wearing that race uniform this summer, so it really narrows down the choices. But I still could not figure it out.

They currently have a contest going to see who can get the word out the best, so if anybody is interested in helping me out then stop over at their contest page and let them know that Blaine at Run to Win sent you.