This morning I headed into the gym to resume my weight training, which has been non-existant for the past two months. Given that I have had trouble running, I probably should have gotten in and done more weight training than I have. But, that is all right. My quads remember what it feels like to start a new program again. I am going to try to repeat the training that I did for my last marathon, although I do not think I have enough time for the whole thing so I am going to mix it up a little.

Today was the first time I have lifted weights since I got married. Other than a clinking sound now and again, I did not really notice the wedding band. I was worried that it might pinch my finger or cut off circulation, but such was not the case. I am still getting used to wearing it.

Thankfully, being made of tungsten, it did not ding at all during the workout. It is supposed to be scratch proof, so over the next 8 or 9 weeks I will be putting that theory to the test. So far, so good.