Catch me if you can is a website devoted to old race bibs and other running paraphernalia. The general idea is that the author had a lot of bibs with a lot of stories in his closet that he wanted to share with people, and thought that others might as well. So, he started up this site.

There are certainly some interesting stories to be found, as well as a few mysteries to be unraveled. For example, a bib from an NCAA regional meet was a random piece of trash that the author found on the ground. He did not know anything about who the bib belonged to or what events it was used for, but it made its way to the site where amateur internet sleuthes could research it and leave the information.

I submitted one of my bibs from the Back Cove weekly 5k race series that I ran in this summer. That bib got a lot of use; I wore it for 16 races.

Stop by the site, live vicariously through others, and share a few of your own racing bibs and stories.