USATF is increasing the membership fees for 2007 to help support grass roots programs and services. The increase in fees is expected to generate an additional $300,000 in annual revenue, which will also go towards member benefits and sport committee-based projects along with the marketing and infrastructure improvements with the grass roots programs.

Effective November 1, 2006, membership fees will be $19.95 for youth and $29.95 for adults. Adults will also be offered discounted multi-year memberships for 2 years ($54.95); 3 years ($79.95), and 4 years ($99.95). […] “Our overarching goal is to provide our membership with an improved experience as USATF members,” said USATF President Bill Roe. “It is our hope that our members view this as an essential step toward ensuring the long-term health of our sport.”

If you renew your membership online before November 1st, then you can do so at the current annual rates. Current rates are $20 for adults, and it appears that you can register for up to four years at that rate.

Even with the increase in membership fees, USATF will still be below the average annual fees for similar sports organizations and national governing bodies.