The New York City marathon is one week from today. That means that the Marine Corps Marathon was this morning. I have looked at the results already, but I am waiting for a more official version of them before sharing.

My last few weeks have been right around 30 miles, so I feel well tapered. My last non-really-short run before the marathon was run this morning in a galestorm, it seemed. Yesterday I got soaked to the bone in the torrential down pour and high winds. Today, I just got buffetted about by winds with even more force than yesterday. As an example of how windy it is today, I bring your attention to a tree across the river from my house. The tree is over 30 inches in diameter, and it is swaying back and forth pretty hard. That sort of wind presents its own sort of problems, but a lightly twisted ankle and only a 30 second drop in my per mile pace seemed to be the worst of it today.

For those who are running the marathon next week, or for those going to watch, you should get yourself a map from the transit authority. You can find out where anything of note is, as well as what stops to get off at to view the race at different locations. This could be very useful.

If anybody would like to get together before or after the race, you can email me here at Run to Win in the early half of this week.