The Marine Corps Marathon was this morning. Ruben Garcia ran about a minute faster than last year, but it was not necessary to repeat his win. He beat Carl Rundell by over 3 minutes. Laura Thompson was unable to break 3 hours, but she won by about 2 minutes over Brenda Schrank. The top 5 women to finish were all American, as were the top 3 men.

The RIT alumni ran the race, finishing between just under 2 hours and 40 minutes up to just over 3 hours and 30 minutes. All four gentlemen ran their first marathon this morning. Congratulations go to Chad Byler, Bob McCoy, Jon Booth, and Ryan Pancoast. I have been unable to find team results yet from this year, so I am not sure how they did in the team competition. I hope that all four of them forget how much that race hurt so that I can race against them next year.