I enjoy running marathons, and plan on running at least one in every state. I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way as I find out what works for me and what does not. This series of articles originally began as some random tips off of the top of my head that I knew my friends would read before their first marathon. Why should they make the same sorts of mistakes that I have, when a little foreknowledge could make it easier for them?

Well, through a random happenstance, the first two articles wound up being 9 bullet points each. I decided to carry that theme through for no particular reason, and so I now have nine articles about getting ready for a marathon that all have a list of nine items. Technically, this round up of all of the articles also has 9 bullet points, since I am listing each one.

The articles are listed below in the order that they were published in. This is not necessarily the best order in terms of what to tackle in a chronological sense, but they are all worth looking at so I left them in their original order.
Cleveland Marathon 2004 � Photo by Richard Boehm

  1. What to bring to the starting line
  2. What to pack in your post-race bag
  3. What to do the week before your race
  4. What to do the morning of your race
  5. What to do during your race
  6. What to do after your race
  7. What to do to stay safe
  8. Marathon strategies
  9. Choosing a marathon