RF River Road Rats racing singlet designI am running the New York City marathon in a few days. My bib number is 1419, and you will see me wearing an orange singlet sporting my college alumni crest (as seen in the picture).

I can set up athlete alerts for 5 email addresses or cell phones. These people will be warned as I cross each 5k marker. If I have some spare ones left once my friends and family that are watching me get set up, then I’d be more than happy to set up anybody else as well. I have until midnight on Saturday to get that ready.

You can track myself (or any other runner) from the marathon website on race day and see our progress as we go. They also have a great 6 page spectator guide that has tips for where to go and when to be there.

If you use the arrival times chart to predict when I’ll be passing by a certain point, use the 7 minute column. The plan right now is to be a bit behind those times for the first few miles and then steadily get through earlier than those times as the race progresses. Get there early!

I have also previously linked to the NYC Transit Authority Guide for which subway stops to use to see the race at different points. I recommend carrying one with you!

If you can make it out to the race, I look forward to most likely missing you in the crowd. It should be a lot of fun.