2007 Update: This year’s code is PCSaveOurHair7.

I first bought a Road ID a few years ago. I have now bought and used four of their dog tag style IDs. I bought one for myself way back when, and then got one for my girlfriend for Christmas. Last year, I used their holiday promotion to get a gift certificate, and then bought a new one for myself after I bought a house. My old one had out dated contact information anyway. After I got married, I bought another one using what was left on the gift certificate to update my wife’s Road ID.

I still wear mine most days, although I do not always wear it every time I leave the house anymore. Any time that I am going to the gym or going out for a run, though, I make sure that I have it on. Having been hit by a car before, and having worked out with a friend who had a seizure while we were at the gym, I have no desire to be a John Doe.

It is once again December, though, which means that
Road ID is having their annual holiday promotion. You can get 10% off of your order by using the following promotional code: PCHoliday6. I am starting to notice a trend in their annual promotion codes! Clicking any of the links in this article should automatically apply the code when you arrive at their website.

The promotional code is good on orders through Tuesday, December 12th. They guarentee that any orders placed by 11:00 pm EST next Friday, December 8th, will arrive in time for Christmas using their 99 cent shipping option.

Besides their actual dog tag style IDs, they have other IDs that you can wear on your wrist or shoe. They also offer safety equipment such as lights to warn traffic that you are there and wallets that attach to your shoelaces. If you are ordering something that is less than $20, or you miss the December 12th deadline, you can try using coupon #ARR5271 instead. It will give you $2.00 off of your order until the end of the year as long as you spend at least $10.

I have not yet tried any of their other products, but I certainly recommend their dog tag style IDs (which they call their Fixx ID). They are high quality, easily read, and easily cleaned. The only problem that I have ever had with mine was that my contact information changed and it was out of date.