Workout LocationsIn a collaborative effort with Scott over at Straight to the Bar, we will be writing about workout locations for the month of December. You can expect a new article on the matter every week.

Scott starts us off by discussing how best to use the beach for your workouts. Some of the suitable types of workouts that he discusses are:

  1. Hill sprints on dunes
  2. Kettlebell training
  3. Team sports and activites
  4. Medicine ball workout
  5. Yoga

Scott is on the other side of the planet from me, where it is now the Summer. December in Maine is not usually the best time to spend at the beach, so I probably will wait to act on his advice for at least a few months. The lakes have not frozen yet, but when they do I will begin my runs on the beaches and head out for some ice workouts. Frozen lakes and ponds can make for a great running workout, especially on a windy day. Just be sure to dress appropriately.

He does include some great ideas, a few of which I have done myself and a few of which I will look into doing in the future. When I was in college, we used to do a 15 mile run on Daytona Beach during Spring training every year. I have such fond memories of those runs that I wrote about it in June of 2005 and in July of 2006.