There was an article in the Connecticut Post last week about Ryan Pancoast, his work since graduating, and his book, Coast to Coast.

Pancoast became author by acclamation during a reception for the team by RIT president Albert J. Simone in April 2005. “As a senior graduating in another month, I had the time to do this,” said Pancoast, an illustration major. Like his teammates, he was only experienced in writing college term papers. The whole project took about a year from conception to publication, he said. “They all pointed to me,” he said. “They probably thought of me since they knew I was an artist. The original idea was an art collage. So I agreed.

“It was my idea to do a book,” he added. “That idea was a little harder to sell and it took some convincing. Ideas were thrown around to get an outside research team or writer. I had started writing 40 pages. I showed it to the communications office and got the green light.”

I really enjoyed reading the book. If you are interested in any of Ryan’s work, then you can see his portfolio at his website, His studio is located in Stratford, Connecticut.