2006 has come and gone, and 2007 is about to start.

2006 Weekly Running SummaryThis year, I ran just shy of 1370 miles. Not a lot of miles, but enough to have kept me busy. I suffered two injuries, one of which was running related. In mid January, I pulled a muscle in my neck which delayed my real start to my training. Then this summer, I hurt my foot which dropped my mileage from a high of just over 50 miles per week down to 20 miles per week for the next 5 weeks. Getting married also contributed to my mileage dropping off around that point.

I ran two marathons at a fairly easy and relaxed pace. That brings my total to 8 different states now that Vermont and New York are out of the way. In 2007 I am going to aim at being more competitive rather than just having fun or experimenting.

I ran competitive 10k and 5k races throughout the year, but I am hoping to bring those times down next year. I think that with fewer distractions, such as buying a house and getting married, I will be able to concentrate more on performance rather than maintenance. The trick will be staying healthy and not getting injured.

2006 Weight ChartMy weight stayed pretty steady all year, in the high 130s to mid 140s. I was pretty healthy most of the year, so I did not have any huge weight swings. I was unable to gain quite as much in December as I had hoped to; ideally, the line at the end of this year would have been around the same height as at the end of last year.

You can see more details graphs of my weekly running and weight by clicking on the charts above. I wrote about 560 articles here at Run to Win, and I will be writing more than that in the coming year. Have a safe and happy new year!