The results of the NFL most valuable player voting are cast, and not surprisingly Ladainian Tomlinson won in a landslide. Tomlinson absolutely dominated the league this year, especially in the latter half of the season. He earned the 88% of the vote that he received.

Tomlinson, who broke Shaun Alexander’s league record for touchdowns by scoring 31 (28 rushing) and also threw for two scores, had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history. He rushed for a league-high 1,815 yards on 348 carries, had 56 receptions for 508 yards and was 2-for-3 as a passer, both completions for scores, giving the Chargers running back six in his six-year career, tying him for second among non-quarterbacks.

Tomlinson scored 186 points this season already, and the playoffs have not even begun yet. I am glad that he won the award; from all accounts that I have ever heard of the man, he is a stand up individual. He is humble, he is a team guy, and he does good work in his community. He certainly deserved it, with the numbers that he put up!