This week last year was pretty light on material, and was very sad for those of us in Maine.

  • I continued my animated series by demonstrating how to do a leg press on a 45° sled. We also continued my wife’s weight lifting program.
  • I talked about being able to enjoy a rain run in January and suggested that everybody try to enjoy the weather year round. Unfortunately, my weight workout followed by a run in the rain had some dire consequences. The first thing that I did the morning of my birthday was pull a muscle in my neck.
  • I described the new elevation profiles offered by GMap Pedometer, a feature that is said to be coming but never seems to arrive at other google map mashup sites. You can expect some new reviews on those sites over the coming months.
  • In very sad news, Frank Fixaris died one year ago today. He was a local sports analyst who was beloved by everybody who met him and who had a steel trap of a mind that could tell you anything you wanted to know about any team at any time. His smoking was what killed him, but not in the way everybody had been telling him.