Max Fitness Anti-burst Exercise Balls for Premier Core Training w/pumpThis morning at the gym I discovered a new danger with swiss balls.

I was doing swiss ball crunches in the corner when the ball jumped out from beneath me. Thankfully, it bounced off the wall and back into me, which kept me from hitting my back on the floor. Instead, my butt just dropped a couple of feet onto the ground. It did not hurt, but it was pretty embarassing.

I think that the biggest contributing factor to my fall was that the swiss ball that I was using was too small. It was the only one I saw upstairs and it kept me on my rest schedule to not have to search another one out. I felt it move a bit a few reps before it popped out, but I did not immiediately adjust myself since I was not getting a wedgie at that point. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor and it had bounced back to me off of the wall.

If this happens to you, then just get back on and finish your set. I think that in the future I will pay a little more attention to how I am balanced on the ball, and will make sure that I do not use the smallest size that they have available any more. It is more work for me to use the larger ball anyway.