Since my right index finger is about 3 times larger than my left one right now and it hurts to type, y’all are out of luck for a good sized running or weight lifting article today.

Instead, I will mention that I have been playing around with the comment settings recently, so if you notice anything strange with your comments please feel free to email me and let me know. If you have never commented here before, then your comment will never appear until I have seen and approved it. If you have commented before and your comment does not appear right away, definately let me know.

Also, I have changed the top commenters list over to the right to be the top commenters from the past 30 days. Those are the people that are currently actively contributing to our knowledge and sharing their experiences lately. Please feel free to visit their websites (if they left mention of one) and see what else they might have to say.

(Thanks to Nickel for the comments tip that I’m testing!)