Jim SnyderAfter writing a few articles about the Great Lakes HSA 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge and the resulting world record treadmill run, one of the runners stopped by and left a few comments and emails. Jim Snyder (pictured at right) had the following to say about the event, for those who want some insider details:

I might add that this attempt was done on one treadmill! A Woodway – I am not a treadmill runner, but I have to say this was the sweetest, softest treadmill I have ever used. we averaged 5:30 min per mile over 24 hours – and had more then a couple of sub 5 min miles during the 23rd hour, it didn’t feel as the Treadmill was even working anywhere close to its max -And it wasn’t with a top speed of 18mph.

I last about 15 minutes on a treadmill on normal days, but it is surprising how fast it went by. They hardest thing was staying loose in between runs. I think everyone had problems with tight hamstrings. The Treadmill was $10,000 (new) As our pace was 5:30 over the 24 hours, I think it will take a fairly elite team of 12 to break the record. The previous record was 5:49 pace, but to find 12 guys that can run for roughly 2 hours each at a pace of 5:30 could take some time. In addition, there are very few treadmills that can run for 24 hours at this pace. We were not going to do this event, if we couldn’t use a Woodway. Note – we went to the local health club and blew up two motors practicing for this event! Most T-mills shut down after 2 hours at this pace.

I am sure someone will break [the record] but there are lots of hoops to jump through = for starters, Guinness doesn’t publish this record on their website or in their book so most people are not aware of this record. Also, it will be hard to find 12 runners that can run 5:30’s – actually willing to do the event. Lastly, most treadmills won’t be able to take the speed over 24 hours. But I am certain someone in Europe will attempt to break it.

You can see some of the excitement over on the videos page, including a surprise appearance by Anna Nicole Smith. Sort of.