Run Away

Photo by seanfraga
It is important that every once in a while that we remember to step back and look at our accomplishments. It is important to plan out what you are going to do in the future, but reminding yourself of your accomplishments is a good way to stay grounded and to reminisce about the good times that you have already had.

This afternoon, I was updating some of the information on the New England Mile website. Last year, Bill Rodgers was on hand to chat with the runners and to help run the event. All of the awards were signed by him. I pulled out the certificate that I had gotten, and there was his signature. I had completely forgotten that he had signed the certificate, and I had even looked at that certificate earlier in the day when I was cleaning in my office. I had to be reminded by one of the other race directors that was working on the website with me.

So if you have to move one of your finisher’s certificates or awards or trophies, take a look at it. Remind yourself how the race went, and even share a story about the race with a family member or a friend. The memories are one of the best parts about being a runner.