A couple of years ago, I wrote about how Tom Brady signed a new contract with the Patriots and extended his terms through 2010. After signing Randy Moss this weekend, it has come out that Tom Brady restructured that contract in order to give the Patriots enough cap room to assume Moss’s former contract from the Raiders before resigning him to a one year deal. Since a lot of people are searching my site for information about Tom Brady’s contract, I thought I would provide what details are currently public.

Tom Brady was slated to earn $6 million dollars this year, some of which he has pushed back to later years. His agent has not revealed how much his contract was restructured, or whether it went back to its original state after Randy Moss tore up his $21 million dollar contract.

The NFL Players Association salary database has not been updated to reflect any changes yet, so you can only see what his original deal was for. Try not to be too confused when looking through it, though; it does not list the years in chronological order for some reason. It also is not as detailed as the USA Today Salaries Database, but it does have recent and future contract details. The USA Today database only shows salaries and bonuses through the 2005 season.