blindfolded runner with guideI have never run a race blind folded, but I have run many times (and raced a few times) without having the full use of my vision. This June there is a race in Boston called the Vision 5k where runners are blindfolded and given a guide so that they can experience what it is like to race blind. You need to register by tomorrow (May 18) and attend a training session on Saturday in order to participate in the blindfold challenge, as well as raise a minimum of $1500. The first training session was at the beginning of the month and has already gone by. They will then match you to a guide that races at about the pace you expect to run.

I think that this would be a lot of fun. I did not find out about it until it was a bit too late to be able to participate in it, but perhaps I will aim towards working it into my schedule next year. I have gotten migraines during races before, although I have only had one where I couldn’t see anything at all for most of the race. That happened in Van Cortlandt park the weekend after September 11th, when we weren’t even sure that there was still going to be a race. The migraine began around a quarter mile into the race, and I was completely blind by the first mile. Normally when I have migraines while working out, I just hallucinate and have blurry vision or lose parts of my vision and do not go completely blind, though.

Has anybody ever run this race or run a race like it?