DancingAlternate ExercisesIn a continuing collaboration with Scott over at Straight to the Bar, we will be writing about alternative exercises throughout the month of June. Cross training can easily be expanded outside of the realms of running, weight lifting, bicycling and swimming.

This week I would like to talk about dancing.

Dancing can be a lot of fun, and anybody that has done it on a regular basis can attest that it can be a bit of work as well. Much like ice skating, early ballroom dance lessons will not leave you all that sweaty or tired. As you get better, though, you will stop less often for instruction and will attempt more complicated manouvers that will require more energy. Dancing the night away is a great way to burn some calories while enjoying yourself.

Dancing is a great activity to work on your balance. For most people, dancing will be for the most part a cardiovascular activity and will not put large amounts of stress on your legs or back. You do not need to be in really good shape to enjoy dancing.

Dancing is an activity that is best served with other people, but it can also be done solo. You could dance with strangers, or depending upon the style you could dance with or by yourself. Some styles require more room than others; most you could do in your living room or back yard.

Most urban areas have night clubs that are open on the weekends if not all week. Dance studios may have a ballroom and/or latin dancing night once a week per month. You may even be able to find some local halls that have dance nights on some sort of regular schedule. Find a partner, take some lessons, and go out and enjoy yourself.