The Beach to Beacon road race is tomorrow morning, and today an interview was put up on the website between race director Dave McGillivray and Joan Benoit Samuelson. I believe that this interview may have originally appeared in New England Runner, but I could be wrong. It seems familiar. In the interview, Joanie talks about how she got into running, what prompted her to run the Boston Marathon, and what it felt like to win the first women’s Olympic marathon. She also talks about founding the Beach to Beacon road race.

I have always had goals in the sport. The only goal left in the sport for me at this time is to run a 2:50 something or maybe even to sneak in just under 2:50 if I am very lucky at the Trials in Boston when I’m 50, almost 51. I think it is pretty cool that I will most likely end my competitive marathoning career where I started my competitive marathoning career almost 30 years earlier. Really what I am hoping is that I can get to the starting line without any injuries and with joints that still function.

The full interview is at: