MediaIn a continuing collaboration with Scott over at Straight to the Bar, we will be writing about training and media influences throughout the month of August. This week, Scott discusses the influence that the media exerts based upon what sports they are willing to cover.

Power lifting and strong man competitions get very little media coverage, whether they take place in their own competitions or on the Olympic Stage. Instead, you see sports such as cricket, rugby, and motor racing (in Australia) or baseball, football, and basketball (here in the United States). Golf and hockey are also fairly popular to watch over here.

There are some larger running events that get local or national television coverage, such as the Boston or New York marathons. Track meets and the Olympics are also kind to running. I would still like to see more of it, though. Bowling tends to get more coverage.

Scott recommends that we get our children actively involved in the sports that we would like to see more of. He also recommends that, in the case of lifting, that the athletes lift things that look heavy, and not just the standard weight plates. There are some “World’s Strongest Man” competitions that air over here on ESPN on a pretty regular basis, and they often carry atlas balls or drag cars or trains around. Perhaps that is the start that he is looking for.