I was in Texas a couple of weeks ago, and the conversation came around to Fantasy Sports (such as football and baseball) and whether that model could be applied to other sports. What do I then discover, then, but that there is one for Track & Field! Last night I wrote about the media coverage for the IAAF World Championships, and while looking information up I noticed that they have created a fantasy league for the event.

IAAF Fantasy Athletics Osaka 2007

I have registered my fantasy team, and I have set up a “buddy league” called “Run to Win” that you can join after registering. The meet starts in just a few days, so if you want to join you will need to do it soon. I will be willing to add a prize to whoever wins our buddy league if anybody is interested in joining in! You need to hurry though, because you must have your team completely chosen and set before midnight the day of competition (local time to Osaka Japan, which is GMT + 9.)

You can make changes and substitutions once per day after the competition begins, but you lose any points of athletes that you drop, and you can not get any points from athletes that you pick up from events that they have already competed in.

The main requirement to be aware of is that you must have a full team chosen before the competition begins. That includes 10 men and 10 women, who are from 20 different countries, as well as 4 relay teams. You must also choose a team captain, who is awarded double points when they score. The full list of rules and official prizes can be found on their help page.

So hurry and join up! Once you have registered, remember to join the Run to Win buddy league. The website to join is at: