The Craig’s Cup 5k cross country race was this morning, which once again served double duty as the Maine USATF cross country state championship race.

There were over 200 people registered runners and 180 finishers this year, which had near perfect racing weather and conditions despite the heavy rain over the past day and a half.

The course was not nearly as wet as I would have expected that it would be, leaving the runners only moderately dirty rather than drenched in mud. Dirigo managed to beat Triad/PR Racing by exactly 3 minutes, with cumulative times of 1:25:06 to 1:28:06.

Ethan Hemphill repeated his win from last year, bettering his time by 4 seconds to finish in 16:29. His margin of victory was 12 seconds. Christine Reaser won the women’s race with a bit more breathing room, finishing in 19:43.

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