This week last year I was getting ready for the New York City marathon, although that did not keep me from racing. I had not quite started tapering yet, though.

  • I planned out my NYC race strategy, since I would be pacing a friend through his first one. Our race almost exactly mimicked the race strategy that I had put forward, except that we never got around to slowing down to 6:50 pace. In fact, the last two miles, I sped up to 6:00 pace.
  • There were a couple of races. There was the inaugural Saco Bay 5k on Saturday, and the Physical Therapy 8k in Brunswick on Sunday. I ran in the 8k, as it was a part of the grand prix. Dirigo won, which was nice.
  • Scott continued our series on rest by discussing measuring rest with your heart. I discussed the benefits of vitamin supplementation.
  • This week last year was the first time that I ran with a headlamp. I was not completely sold on it after the run, but in the past year I have used the thing so often that I think I can consider myself sold now…