Again to Carthage book jacketAre you interested in owning an advance copy of Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner?

Again to Carthage is scheduled to be published early next year, but John Parker is auctioning an advance copy of the book off for charity. After suffering from a heart attack (which was actually myocarditis and not a heart attack,) he wants to give a little something back to the website that was used to keep his friends and fans updated as to his progress.

John ParkerAlthough he does not really remember much about what has happened over the last 3 months, John Parker spoke at the Maine Running Company at the beginning of August and read the first chapter of Again to Carthage to the attending crowd.

As soon as the book is published (and Once a Runner is republished,) I plan on purchasing a copy. I bid in the auction, but was quickly outbid by others.

All of the money raised in the auction (which is currently at $301) will go to the Caring Bridge website. You can view the auction details by clicking here.

Update: The book sold for $580.