Bradbury Bruiser course mapIn the description of the Bradbury Bruiser Trail Race, I mentioned that the final course preview run and the trail marking was going to be tomorrow morning at 9:30 am and 7:00 am respectively. This has been changed to Sunday morning, October 21st, at the same times.

If you would like to run the course, a group will be leaving the parking lot at Bradbury Mountain State Park at 7:00 am. If you are available to help clean up the trails and to help mark the course, then please meet up at 9:30 am in the parking lot where everyone will be divided into small groups to cover 3 or 4 mile sections of the trail. Any help is appreciated, whether you can make the preview run or not.

Moving the trail marking to Sunday morning will give the woods a bit of a chance to dry out. More importantly, hunting is not allowed in the park on Sundays, and Saturday is Youth Deer Day in Maine. Hunters between the ages of 10 and 16 will be out in the woods with their guns and are allowed to shoot any deer of either sex. Bradbury Mountain is open to hunters during hunting season on Monday through Saturday.