Bradbury Bruiser Post-Race HugThe Bradbury Bruiser Trail Race was this past weekend on October 28th, and since I was out of town I was not able to be there. From what I have heard, the vast majority of people had a great time, even the ones that got to compete in the “Best Bruise” contest.

Stephen Wells has written a very thorough write-up of the day from both a race director’s and a competitors perspective. You can read it over on his site, Live Strong Maine.

There are a lot of great pictures and he covers the race from first thing in the morning right through finding the last lost runner hours after everyone had left.

Tom Tero sprinted to the finish ahead of David Roberts and Tom Page in a near photo finish. Out of the 130 people registered, 108 started the race and 98 finished the race. That is really good for the first year of any race, and doubly impressive because of the grass roots nature of this race. Two months ago, the race had not even been conceived of yet. The race raised over $2000 for Bradbury Mountain State Park to help with trail upkeep.

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