As the price of Once a Runner soars up near $500 for a used copy, the release date for Again to Carthage approaches at the end of November. The official publication date for Again to Carthage is November 26, 2007. I am not sure when Once a Runner will be republished, but John had said that it would be early next year around the same time that the sequel was published.

Amazon currently has a pre-order special where you can purchase the book at a discount plus get an additional 5% off once the book is placed into your cart. I pre-ordered my copy this morning. The cover price for the book is $23.95, and Amazon currently has it listed at $16.29 (see the ad to the right for the latest price as you view this article.) An additional 5% discount brings the total price for the book down to $15.48.

I thought that that was certainly a worthwhile price for the book. I have been looking forward to the publication of it since I got to listen to John Parker read the first chapter at Maine Running Company this Summer.