I have just completed my first special report, The Three Components of an Effective Workout. Your training strategy is obviously an important part of your fitness and how well your workouts go, but there are two components that are even more important than your training.

Everyone already has a strategy that combines these three components, but unless you actively make them work together you are probably not getting the most benefit out of each workout. In the report, I include some very simple and straightforward tips about how to integrate all three strategies into your daily routine with a minimal disruption of what you may already be doing.

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Right now, the report is free to download. It will more than likely remain free, but I reserve the right to pull it down at some point or to start selling it. Once you have read it, please let me know what you think. I have a few more of these planned for the next couple of months, and any feed back that you can offer will be much appreciated.

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