This week last year, I had food on my mind and was starting to notice that winter was quickly coming on.

  • I shared some research that found that dieting may not be the right solution to obesity. The study compared obese women who partook in a fitness program compared to those who limited what they ate.
  • I tried a new recipe, which I have used many times over the past year. I cooked some rolled tilapia, which is a very tasty but invasive fish.
  • I shared some advice about how to run safely in the winter with some do’s and don’ts. For those in the southern hemisphere, there was also an article about different workouts to do on the beach.
  • Many runners would rather HTFU than quit during a workout or race, but you should never be afraid to quit. You should run through annoyance, but not through pain. Sometimes quitting a workout in the short term can be more beneficial to your long term goals and your seasonal calendar than working through and being too fatigued or injured for the next workout.
  • This week two years ago, I also had food on my mind. I shared my thoughts on intuitive eating and shared how I cook egg sandwiches so that they fit on the muffin and are perfectly round.