Rhode Island now offers two marathons with the addition of the Cox Sports Marathon in Providence. It is one of 3 races that make up the Rhode Races running festival. A half marathon will start out with the marathon, and at a separate location there will be a 5k. The race will be on May 4th, 2008.

The course begins at Johnson & Wales and goes through East Providence, Pawtucket and downtown Providence. Charlie Breagy will be directing the race, and Eident Sports Marketing will be promoting it.

I was considering running the Breaker’s Marathon this Autumn, but now I need to consider the possibility of getting Rhode Island out of the way this Spring. I am already registered for the ING Georgia Marathon 5 weeks earlier, so I will not have to worry about being in shape for the race. It would also save on having to drive as far. Whether I decide to run or not, the Breaker’s web folks need to update their website. It is no longer “Rhode Island’s only marathon!”