Lucas Sang, 1988Lucas Sang competed in the 1600 meter relay in the 1988 Olympics as the second leg for the 8th place Kenya team. He ran the fastest leg of his team, 45.08 seconds, and also made it to the quarter finals in the open 400 meter race. He became a farmer after his retirement from sports, but remained involved with other athletes and was the treasurer of the National Association of Kenyan Olympiads.

“I knew him as a straight forward sportsman who practiced the principal of Olympics spirit on the track and later on in his daily undertakings. Fairness was always evident in whatever Lucas was dealing with.

“Lucas was always easy to get along with and he got along with most people,” [former teammate Paul] Ereng said. “He and I continued our relationship as friends later in farming and in promoting athletics in Kenya after we had retired from competitive running.”

Lucas Sang was gunned down while walking home in his home town of Eldoret, Kenya on Tuesday after tribal violence erupted following the recent election. The total death toll has reached 300.

(Source: IAAFAll Africa)