Blogger Proof Workout book coverDo you ever get stuck working for too long and just can’t seem to find a way to get out the door for your run? Or has it been so long since you ran that you couldn’t even say when or how far it was?

Israel over at Fat Man Unleashed has a short eBook available that he calls the Blogger Proof Workout. It’s a short, 7 page document that gives you some unconventional exercises that will certainly get you back into shape if you followed them step by step. The eBook is for folks that work too much in front of a computer or for couch potatoes.

Have you noticed that your butt is becoming a numb membrane of lipid filled tissue that fits ever so nicely into that comfy chair you spend countless hours in? If so you may be in need of my Blogger Proof Workout. Bloggers spend numerous hours creating content to feed the ever hungry internet and information world. Unfortunately, that process entails tons of sitting and limited physical movement.

The listed exercises can be done in a short duration of time in between your work tasks, and include moving your chair around your office and doing pushups whenever you break your train of thought to answer an email. So not only will he get you into better shape, but he’ll also help you be more productive.

You can download the Blogger Proof Workout for free as a pdf document, or read more about it over at Fat Man Unleashed.