Oscar PistoriusAs I wrote a month ago, the tests conducted on Oscar Pistorius‘ prosthetic legs show that he has an unfair advantage over able-bodied athletes. The IAAF have ruled and determined to uphold the study and have barred Pistorius from competition.

The IAAF endorsed studies by German professor Gert-Peter Brueggemann, who conducted tests on the prosthetic limbs and said they give Pistorius a clear competitive advantage over able-bodied runners.

“An athlete using this prosthetic blade has a demonstrable mechanical advantage [more than 30 percent] when compared to someone not using the blade,” the IAAF said.

I do not doubt that his “Cheetah” blades do give him a mechanical advantage over able-bodied athletes, but the more that I watch this case the more that I tend to doubt that the advantage he gains is enough to actually give him an advantage. It is so difficult to tell what is happening because he is literally the only athlete in this sort of a unique situation. Had he been born with every bone in his body that he was supposed to have, I have no doubt that he could possibly be contending for a spot on the Olympic team.

Pistorius and his coaches plan on challenging the ruling and will bring the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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