Tyson Gay winning the 100m in OsakaMany fans and athletes are getting fed up with the seemingly constant stream of doping scandals that have been hurting the sport of Track & Field over the past few years. Tyson Gay wants to do something about it.

He has offered a guarantee that nobody will ever find any illegal substances in his body.

“One hundred percent guarantee,” he said. “Everything you do in the dark comes to light and I think a lot of people in this sport have really seen that. You can’t get away with that kind of thing, it’s going to come out no matter how hard you try to hide it.”

Tyson Gay wants to be the first double-gold medalist in the Olympic 100m and 200m since Carl Lewis did in back in 1984. He isn’t worried about the pollution in Beijing, and he hopes to better Asafa Powell‘s mark of 9.74 seconds in the 100 meters. Holding Powell off will be no mean trick, though, and if it was a choice between a world record or a gold medal, he knows which he’d prefer.

“The feeling of having the gold medal last year [in Osaka] was great and I don’t want to know what it feels like not to have the gold medal.”

The sprints are going to be very competitive, and I can’t wait to watch them this Summer. I just hope that there is plenty of local coverage on one of the 2 television stations that I can actually get at my house, or that there is an easy way to watch the races online.

I’m glad that he is publicly coming out and speaking against doping. Now I just hope that he can manage to stay and compete clean and that he never does have anything in his body that will test positive, be it through willful cheating, ignorance, or sabotage.

Trying to stay clean isn’t enough these days. Rather than having to go out of your way to get a competitive edge, you now have to be vigilant in order to avoid cheating, since anything that you put in your body needs to be screened to make sure that it isn’t laced or just doesn’t contain something you weren’t aware was in it.

You also need to watch out for situations like Justin Gatlin found himself in, where one of his trainers allegedly gave him steroids without his knowledge or consent because of a financial dispute.

It’s good to hear Gay come out against doping, and I hope that the kids in this country pay attention and listen to what he has to say. I also hope that he does well in the Olympics and brings us home a few gold medals.

(Further Reading: Yahoo Sports – Photo Credit: Tyson’s Photo Gallery)