Not being a part of the Coast to Coast run back in 2004 is one of the few regrets that I have in my life, which is a large part of why I like to share news about it even 4 years later. The other reason that I like to discuss it, of course, is that the entire idea of running a relay from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean is very exciting to me. (Plus, the guys that did it are friends of mine.)

Well, now that the run happened (2004) and the book was written (2006), it is time for the next step. It is time for a documentary!

And what do you know, but a couple of the guys got together and spent a few months putting one together. Kevin Turko and Ryan Pancoast teamed up and put a lot of work into the documentary, so I hope that you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

The video is 27 minutes long and details the trip from the West Coast to the East. Interspersed with actual video of the running is some great music, still photographs from the trip, and interviews with the coach and some of the runners.

If you enjoy the video, Kevin and Ryan have entered it into a contest at FloTrack. I am sure that they would appreciate it if you went over and voted for them. The voting page is at: (Their video is entitled “Coast to Coast Relay 2004” – The best video is awarded a pair of tickets to the Beijing Olympics!)