DIYIn a continuing collaboration with Scott over at Straight to the Bar, we will be writing about do-it-yourself home exercise implements throughout February and March. Scott starts us off this week with almost a dozen do-it-yourself grip tools that you can build cheaply at home.

Carrying a Water BallMy favorite implement that he describes has to be the water ball (pictured left) – it never even occurred to me to fill my swiss ball with water.

I have used a few of his tricks before. I’ve used the rice or sand in a bowl implement, and I’ve fattened up some of my weight bars at times. I usually use a hand towel as a quick way to add or remove thickness.

I’ve also created my own clubs, although I used to be a professional juggler so those were more for creating odd implements to amuse others with than as a specific weight lifting implement.

For some good ideas, be sure to check out Scott’s article on how to make your own grip tools.